Sunday, February 11, 2007

The New World Book of SCAMS

The New World Book of SCAMS
Our Friends in Bath Ohio

For all of you who have been doing Genealogy for awhile this information will be old hat, for that I apologize in advance. Our Friends in Bath Ohio are once more sending out their letters offering to sell you the “NEW WORLD BOOK OF (insert surname) for the very reasonable price of only $39.95 (preprinting price) plus shipping and handling. With this amazing Tome you can Amaze yourself with facts from the only (insert surname) international Directory. Discover how family names originated and what the distinguished (insert Surname) means. You will get your very own Family Coat of Arms, granted to a (insert Surname) centuries ago, Learn how to trace your family history and how to use rare records to discover even more about your origins.

What can I say, lets all immediately send these outstanding individuals our Visa number, Right? Wrong!!! This is a scam, these people send you a book consisting of some very rudimentary Genealogical tips, a Bogus family Coat of arms, and a list of address’s that you can get from for FREE. This scam has been going on for years; they have been sued repeatedly over the years. If you read the order form carefully it says “No Direct Genealogical connection to your family or to your ancestry is implied or intended.” What they don’t intend is for you to read the fine print. If you feel the overwhelming desire to waste $39.95 plus shipping on something please instead send it to your favorite charity, donate it to a church, take you kids to a movie anything just don’t send it to these thieves.

NOTE: This was one of the few articles I wrote when I was angry. I seldom get angry but this scam really burns me up. I know people who have bought their product and felt so disillusioned they gave up the hobby.

2007 Update:

These scam artists are probably still out there trying to steal your money for what is no more than a consolidated phone book.

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